US fellowship for Tuks lecturer

Tuks lecturer Joel Modiri.
Tuks lecturer Joel Modiri.

A University of Pretoria lecturer is hoping a fellowship will enhance his understanding and research of racial issues in South Africa.

Joel Modiri, 26, a law lecturer, has been selected as a member of the first group of Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity in the US.

The fellowship is based in New York, and is in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

It seeks to overcome racism and white supremacy in the US and South Africa.

"I am very excited about this opportunity as it will not only give me international exposure, but also a long-term network and connections.

"It will deepen my understanding of racism as a system of oppression and hopefully through my research I'll develop strategies and interventions for social change," he said.

The Atteridgeville-born Modiri said the programme is aligned with one of his main research interests, black consciousness.

He has written many articles considered influential in the fields of critical race theory and legal education such as "The colour of law, power and knowledge and Law's poverty".

Modiri started teaching law in 2013.

As one of 29 inaugural fellows he will participate in mentorships, seminars and other efforts to combat racial discrimination and violence in both countries.

His doctoral project is entitled "The jurisprudence of Steve Biko", and draws on the thought of Biko to develop a critical theory of race.