Men stripped naked and circumcised by force in Kenya

Twelve men from the Luo, Turkana, Iteso and Luhyia communities in Kenya were ambushed, stripped naked and forced to undergo circumcisions over the weekend.

According to, the men were forced to undergo the procedure after their wives complained that they were not as good in bed as circumcised men.

The circumcisions took place in public with no anaesthesia or other methods of pain reduction.

The 12 men were then given some money for treatment and healthy meals to help them heal faster after the procedure.

‘These people have been engaging us in many arguments including competing with us for women yet they are boys and that is why we decided to transform them into men so that they can be worth competing and arguing with us. We are also telling those who have not undergone the cut to do so because it is a good thing you saw how women celebrated it,’ Peter Kariuki, one of the men who carried out the ritual, was quoted saying.

One of the wives of the 12 men reportedly told a local radio station that she was a happier woman now that her husband had been circumcised.

'We are happy with the move to have such men cut because uncircumcised men are dirty and do not perform well in bed and thus we are sure their wives will now enjoy their marriages, Anne Njeri said.

Meanwhile of 50 uncircumcised men from around the villages are said to have taken refuge at a nearby police station out of fear of being ambushed like their counterparts.