Mashaba makes up with migrant group‚ denounces xenophobia

Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba and the African Diaspora Forum (ADF) have reached a settlement‚ after the ADF laid a complaint at the South African Human Rights Commission earlier this year.

The ADF alleged that Mashaba had made comments that were xenophobic and had the propensity to fuel xenophobic attacks‚ which included that foreign nationals were responsible for criminality in Johannesburg.

The settlement has been described as “historic“.

One of the terms of the settlement is that the ADF will be joining the City of Joburg’s planned court application against the department of Home Affairs‚ as a friend of the court.

Marc Gbaffou ‚ chairperson of the ADF‚ said that this is “an historic moment for the migrants‚ who have been living in fear because of some statements“. He added that they had discussed Mashaba’s comments in the mediation process.

Mashaba said he was delighted at the outcome of the mediation‚ and that he wished to work closely with the ADF going forward. He said that the comments he made had been “twisted“‚ which led to people thinking that the city is xenophobic.

Both Mashaba and the ADF raised issue with how Home Affairs are dealing with undocumented migrants.

Mashaba also said that they had not received the help they have requested from the department with regard to undocumented foreigners‚ who are struggling to get documents in South Africa.

He emphasised that Home Affairs has a constitutional obligation to protect the borders‚ so that when people do come into the country‚ they must be documented.

Mashaba reiterated emphatically that he condemned xenophobia.