Vuwani matric pupils optimistic

27 October 2017 - 17:42
By Zoë Mahopo

Top-performing matric pupils from over nine schools around Vuwani in Venda were yesterday gathered in one classroom to prepare for today's maths examination.

The pupils were being hosted at Vhafamadi Secondary School in HaMashau village. Vhafamadi is one of about 24 schools that were burnt down during protests last year.

Since last year, Vuwani residents have been rejecting their inclusion into the new Lim 345 municipality, resulting in shutdowns which affected businesses and schools.

Pupils from the area are now writing examinations after the most recent shutdown was called off by community leaders following negotiations with government.

When Sowetan arrived in the area yesterday, pupils from high schools including Kolokoshani, Matodzi and Nwaridi were studying inside a packed classroom.

One of the pupils, Vusani Makgoka, 17, from HaMashau, said she was relieved that examinations were resuming. "I was afraid that I would have to repeat another year in Grade 12. I used to try and study at home when the shutdowns started but it was hard."

She said five top-performing pupils were selected from each of the schools to participate in the study session.

Makgoka said she was hoping to pursue a degree in IT at university.

Another pupil, Muphulusi Muduvhadzi, 18, said he was looking forward to getting a distinction in mathematics.

Muduvhadzi, who achieved 70% in mathematics during the trial examinations, said he was able to catch up with his studies through extra classes, which start at 5pm and end at 10pm every day.

Spokesman for the provincial department of education Sam Makondo said they were satisfied that everything was going well in the area.

"Things are going accordingly. We are very happy. We are expecting good results across the province ... not only in Vuwani," he said.