Strippers and prisoners? - Department of Correctional Services to hold briefing after images surface

26 June 2017 - 13:38
By Londiwe Dlomo

Pictures of a prisoner hugging and being attended to by two scantily clad women have surfaced online.

The pictures were posted by a  Facebook user on Sunday 25 of June, along with the caption: "NOW LOOK what is happening in prison...This is JHB Medium-B Prison where the department invited Porn into this allowed MARA"

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Sowetan LIVE contacted Department of Correctional Services (DCS) Spokesperson Logan Maistry who stated that the department was aware of the images. Maistry went on to state that he was at the prison to “ascertain the facts” and would later hold a press briefing to address the issue. 

“We are aware of it [the pictures], we are having a media briefing at 1o’clock at Johannesburg Prison (Sun City) if you want to join us you’re more than welcome.”

Comments on the post ranged between those of outrage to admiration. 


Facebooker Nana  commented: This is a F***n joke right? SA government is crazy AF!!!

User Mnyepz Gp replied; Why is it wrong? Why is it a joke? Why is it nonsense?

Another user Benni commented:  Eish! I wish get arrested, i never experience this such life

People have been very vocal about what they term to be the preferential treatment of prisoners. A few months ago pictures of prisoners receiving KFC caused outrage online as well.