The workers are united… against Zuma and Zille

JZ and HZ must both fall‚ says Cosatu in the Western Cape‚ which will march on Workers Day calling for the removal of President Jacob Zuma and Western Cape Premier Helen Zille.

The ANC’s tripartite alliance partners‚ the Congress of South African Trade Unions and the SA Communist Party‚ have called for Zuma to step down after his decision to fire Pravin Gordhan as finance minister.

Meanwhile‚ Zille is facing DA charges for tweets which many have viewed as praising colonialism.

In a statement on Friday‚ Cosatu Western Cape secretary Tony Ehrenreich accused Zille of “racist endorsement of colonialism” and said Zuma was helping thieves to steal from the country.

“The call for (Zille’s) removal will also focus on the refugee slurs that she dished out in Cape Town‚ as she tries to keep the city and the province (a) white preferential area‚” said Ehrenreich.

On Zuma‚ Ehrenreich said he had been a poor leader of the ANC and the country. However‚ during its May 1 march Cosatu wanted to expose hypocrites who marched for the future of the country against Zuma but would not do the same against Zille.

“They pretend to be speaking for all South Africans‚ when really they are just speaking for the maintenance of the white privilege and those BEE brothers who they bought‚” he said.

“They are in a squabble with the other thieves who are now stealing from the state coffers with President Zuma’s help.”

By “other thieves”‚ Ehrenreich was understood to be referring to the Gupta family‚ who are close friends of the president.

During the #ZumaMustFall protests‚ a number of protesters also targeted the family‚ protesting outside their Johannesburg home.