AfriForum Youth lays charge of assault against spokesperson of Black First Land First

AfriForum Youth has laid a charge of assault at the Midrand Police Station against Lindsay Maasdorp‚ spokesperson of the Black First Land First movement.

This comes after Maasdorp allegedly assaulted members of AfriForum Youth on Saturday at the National Education Crisis Forum in Midrand‚ which had to be halted after chaos and violence erupted.

Organisers called off the event after fighting broke out between various student factions‚ who hurled chairs and bottles at one another and traded blows.

Speakers‚ which included Minister of Higher Education Blade Nzimande and Wits University vice-chancellor Adam Habib‚ were also prevented from addressing the unruly crowd.

Afriform Youth said it had been informed by students who claimed that they belonged to the #Feesmustfall structures that they could not speak at the event.

 “I walked up to the podium for my allotted turn to speak‚ and then these students approached me and said that I was not allowed to speak because I am white‚” said Jaco Grobbelaar‚ AfriForum Youth’s coordinator for the University of Pretoria (Tuks).

“They also shouted the slogan ‘one settler‚ one bullet’ in our faces and sang the ‘kill the Boer’ song. A huge fight broke out – people threw chairs at one another and members of AfriForum Youth were assaulted by Maasdorp‚” said Renier Goosen‚ chairperson of the Tuks branch.

“We feared for our lives‚ and this shows that they have no regard for our contributions and that they are racist towards white people. We hope that the police will pursue the case‚” Grobbelaar said.