'He's just a rubbish. Plain and simple'‚ says artist Ayanda Mabulu on latest depiction of Zuma

Controversial artist Ayanda Mabulu‚ known for painting President Jacob Zuma with his genitals exposed‚ has featured No1 in his work again.

This time Zuma is being dragged in a trolley en route to the rubbish dump. His private parts are exposed‚ ejaculating‚ in a collage reflecting Johannesburg’s past through the history of Commissioner Street.

On Monday Mabulu told TMG Digital that the president features in the exhibition because the plight of some of the old street’s residents are a result of his poor governance.

“I drive in Commissioner Street every night coming from the studio. You are stopped by the traffic cops who want bribery. When you pass the traffic cops who want bribery‚ you are confronted by sad things – people lying in the streets like rubbish‚ long lines of prostitutes‚ women Jacob Zuma doesn’t respect. He doesn’t care how they get a living.”

Mabulu said the president is depicted on the way to the rubbish dump because that is where he belongs.

“He’s just a rubbish‚ worthy enough to be thrown in the rubbish dump‚ to be eaten by worms‚ maggots and rats.

“He doesn’t respect anyone who voted for him. He doesn’t respect the Constitution‚ he doesn’t respect women and children.

“He’s just a rubbish. Plain and simple.”

The exhibition‚ which is a collaboration between Mabulu and painter and printmaker James Delaney‚ is open until the end of January at the Hazard Art Gallery in Maboneng.

The latest Zuma artwork has not yet created the stir an earlier piece on exhibition in July had. In it Zuma and Atul Gupta were painted in a compromising position.

Next year Mabulu will hold a show at a gallery in Maboneng looking at rape.



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