Suspects arrested after shootout with police in Sandton wanted for string of robberies

The three men arrested after a shootout with police on Grayston drive in Sandton on Wednesday morning were wanted for a string of robberies in the province‚ Gauteng police said.

Police spokesperson Lt-Col Kay Makhubela said a group of men robbed two people in Sandton.

“It appears that the suspects had information that some people were going to take a substantial amount of cash to the bank. They saw two people with cooler bags and they thought they are the ones taking the money to the bank and they robbed them and jumped into their car.

 “Police got the information and chased them until they cornered the men next to the bridge under construction. The four men fired at the police but no one was injured‚” Makhubela said.

Three of the men were arrested on the spot but one was able to escape.

 “The one who ran away hijacked another car and drove off. While driving he saw that there were police officers waiting ahead of him. He then abandoned the vehicle and ran on foot.

 “One firearm was found in the car. We also established that these were wanted suspects who robbed people who are withdrawing a lot of cash from the bank. They follow people from the bank and pounce on them when they reach their home and rob them‚” Makhubela said.

The men will be charged with armed robbery‚ possession of a stolen vehicle and more charges will be added at a later stage.