Puma store in Braamfontein lost over R300‚000 of stock during looting

The puma clothing store which was looted in Braamfontein a fortnight ago suffered over R300‚000 in stock losses‚ a senior staff member has revealed.

The shop was looted on Monday 10 October‚ when protesting students at the University of Witwatersrand (Wits) clashed with the police in the streets of Braamfontein after they were chased off the campus.

The violence spilled over into the streets of Braamfontein‚ resulting in a bus being set alight‚ and the PUMA store being stoned and looted in the evening.

“We had to assess and do a proper stock-taking as they looted everything in the shop. The stock alone was R250‚000 and repairing broken windows and glass doors added to that amount and it was over R350‚000‚” said the senior staff member‚ who asked not to be named.

He said he didn’t believe that the looting was done by the students as they were protesting for a “good cause“‚ blaming instead opportunists and thugs who capitalised on the situation.

 In what looked like a free for all‚ looters were captured on camera stealing Puma apparel such as bags‚ sneakers‚ T-shirts and sweaters.

The sports wear store wasted no time in repairing the damages‚ restocking the shelves and re-opening the doors for weekend business. It took the store four days to reopen for business.

The store‚ situated on De Korte Street‚ is currently being monitored by a private security guard and has since installed more cameras in the store.

On the same street and the same night‚ The Orbit Jazz club suffered damages worth R60‚000‚ according to staff member.

 Police are still investigating the matter but they are yet to state how far they are with their investigation.