WATCH: Fists fly in Parliament as EFF MPs are evicted

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A brief brawl erupted between security and singing‚ defiant members of the EFF as they were dragged out of the National Assembly on Tuesday where President Jacob Zuma was due to answer questions.

Within minutes of proceedings getting underway‚ all decorum was thrown out of the window as the EFF went to war with speaker Baleka Mbete.

The EFF was adamant that Zuma‚ whom they describe as an “illegitimate president”‚ should not be allowed to address the chamber. Zuma smiled at the spectacle.

“We are asking you not to allow the president to speak here‚” said EFF leader Julius Malema‚ who insisted the president needed to be “rehabilitated”.

Mbete replied that she would not allow Malema to make any more speeches.

A cacophony of heckling‚ shouting and screaming filled the chamber. “Zuma is the one who must go‚” “you can do anything you want to do … you can kill us‚ we are not scared of anything … We won’t keep quiet‚” said EFF members. “Sergeant at arms tell Zuma to go. Sergeant at arms tell Zuma to go‚” shouted somebody from the benches.

Parliamentary protection services members were pelted with objects as they gathered around the EFF members‚ who broke into song‚ and grabbed hold of them.

Some of the protesters were physically dragged out of the National Assembly.