Siv Ngesi to press police charges after alleged racist incident

Siv Ngesi wearing C Squared. Picture credit: Emmanuel Tjiya.
Siv Ngesi wearing C Squared. Picture credit: Emmanuel Tjiya.

Comedian Siv Ngesi has on Tuesday revealed in a detailed social media statement that he will be opening a case against a couple‚ who allegedly assaulted him in what he labels a racist incident.

In an emotional social media post Ngesi detailed the events‚ which he alleges led up to a woman physically assaulting him.

 Ngesi explained that the incident has left him angered.

 “I often read about and listen to stories about racist incidents and feel connected to people who suffer for obvious reasons‚ but I didn’t think I would ever be the black man pressing charges against a white couple who just can’t let go of the past‚” Ngesi said.

 The comedian and TV personality explained how while waiting for an Uber‚ he had an altercation with a couple who were apparently angry that they had been blocked in.

“I went to them to apologise and explain that it was my bad. Instead of calming down‚ they just kept on screaming and hooting‚ telling me to stuff off. I started to walk away‚ but then went back and once again tried to calm it all down‚ but they just continued‚ which started to really anger me too‚” he wrote.

The comedian admitted that there was a heated exchange of words between them.

“The lady was furious that I have even dared to argue or try and talk back‚ and so she not only lashed out verbally‚ but hit me through the face‚ rings and all. I’m never ever going to hit back at a woman‚ whatever the circumstances‚ so I challenged the guy‚ and asked him to get out of the car. He refused and threatened to call the police. Which I suggested he do.”

 At this stage Ngesi said that he had calmed down and walked away from the couple‚ however promised to take it further.

 “As the Uber drove off‚ their car pulled up beside me‚ and I could see them still screaming things at me‚ but now they were making baboon/monkey sounds and actions. You’re illiterate‚ you’re stupid‚ by the time you find me you’ll be my servant‚” he claims.

Click Here for Ngesi’s full statement

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