Student arrives at matric dance in coffin

Kashvir Suresh of Woodlands Secondary School shocked his classmates when he arrived at his matric dance in a coffin.

According to the witnessnews, the 18-year-old made an entrance in  a Ford Cortina with the registration DEADMAN - ZN.

The teenager reportedly decided on this idea because he is a big fan of WWE wrestler the Undertaker.

Inside the bakkie was Suresh lying in the brand new coffin with his eyes closed.

“I asked my dad if I could use his van with the registration DEADMAN - ZN, which is another name for the Undertaker, and thought why not just go in a coffin as well,” he told the paper.

The teen's father also helped him to decorate the van.

“I got the van done up with Undertaker stickers and called my friend who owns a funeral parlour to lend us a coffin,” Suresh's father said.

However the school's acting principal, Dharma Moodley put a stop to it all when he refused for the coffin to be carried into the hall.

“I didn’t think it was weird at all. My friends just questioned me and it turned a lot of heads but I thought it was a good idea,” Suresh was quoted saying.