Politician journos must resign: Sanef

Journalists who stand as candidates for political parties should resign, the SA National Editors Forum said on Sunday.

"We recommend that once the name of a journalist appears, with his or her consent, on a political party's official list of candidates to the Independent Electoral Commission, such journalist should resign," the organisation said in a statement.

It said this resignation should take place regardless of whether the candidate would or would not be guaranteed a seat after an election.

Sanef said a total of 192 complaints against the media were received by the public advocate Latiefa Mobara at the press council between August 16 and November 15.

Of these 58 were sent to the ombudsman for adjudication, 23 were already resolved and six were dismissed.

"Sanef encouraged members of the public or parties who feel aggrieved in relation to a story or stories published, and believe such stories have been written due to political or other influence, to lodge a complaint with the press ombudsman and provide evidence."

Mail & Guardian editor Angela Quintal was elected as Sanef's new secretary-general over the weekend.