Two men, one wife - in Kenya

29 August 2013 - 09:26
By Sowetan LIVE

A Kenyan woman had been having affairs with two men for more than four years and has refused to choose between them - so she decided the best outcome would be to marry both.

Joyce Wambui, a widow in her late 20s had joined in a contract stipulating that her long time lovers, Sylvester Mwendwa and Elijah Kimani would "share" her.

Daily Nation says, Polygamy — one man having more than one wife — is legal in Kenya and widely practised by various communities, polyandry — one woman having more than one husband — is almost unheard of.

But the men have agreed, and the trio even signed a contract to "set boundaries and keep the peace."

The agreement stipulates that the two agreeing men would stay in her house, respect the day set aside for each of the men and help raise her children.

According to the Daily Nation, community policing officer Adhalah Abdulrahman found the two men fighting over her in Mombasa county.

Abdulrahman said he was strongly opposed to the contract. "To me as a Muslim and a Kenyan, I don't accept it," he added. "It is against our religion and our African tradition. It is against Kenyan law. Under our constitution it is not allowed. The community are disappointed and everybody is against it."

Mwendwa claimed Wambui's parents had given her their blessing, adding: "She is like the central referee. She can say whether she wants me or my colleague."

However, the Guardian reported that Mwendwa's decision to go public about the unusual deal has infuriated Wambui, it had also cost him his job and forced him into hiding to escape a public backlash in Kisauni, Mombasa.

People of Kenya responded:

  • Sammie: What's all this hoolabaloos of 2. men sharing one wife at the. Coast? This isn't funny at all? There's no fuss at it! Personally I can share my wife. with another man as long the. man has money and all it takes. for a responsible husband. Due to the current economic. challenge my wife and I can't. object the idea as long the man. comes with big money to support. all of us and his H.I.V. status is ok. I don't see anything funny. about it and if infact I can get one. right now I can be very happy. So congrats to Sylvester. Mwendwa and his 'co-husband'. Kimani Mwangi for agreeing to. marry one Joyce Wambui. I wish the trio luck in their. marriage! (sic)
  • Essy: men have lost their minds..
  • Levina: seriously what's happening in the world.
  • Daniel: hehe the end is near. -