'Worst' divorcee hitched

A Mpumalanga beau - whose first marriage shockingly lasted only three days - is taking a second bite at the marital cherry.

In mid-2010 Obakeng Lamo, 38, of Lefiso in Marapyane, outside KwaMhlanga, shocked villagers when he announced he was divorcing his wife of three days, Magdalene Modiba, whom he accused of two-timing him.

At the time Modiba denied being a cheat, and charged that it was actually her now former husband who was the cheat.

In fact Lamo was so fed up with his wife's alleged infidelity that he hauled his in-laws into a tribal court, demanding a refund of his R10,000 lobola.

Lamo had asked the local headman, the late Sam Mmutle, to rule on the matter.

After two days of trying to mend the troubled marriage Mmutle ruled that the marriage be terminated due to irreconcilable differences.

Modiba's family had to return Lamo's lobolo.

This set the record for arguably the first marriage in the village, and South Africa, that ended after only three days.

Modiba and Lamo have two children aged seven and 11, meaning that the love affair had outlasted the marriage.

But come December this year and wedding bells will be ringing in the village again.

Lamo said: "I still believe in love, so I will not allow what happened two years ago to stand in the way of my happiness."

Now, two years later, Lamo has informed his family that he has found the woman of his dreams and wants to marry her.

Lamo and his wife-to-be, Nkele Kgosana, who hails from the neighbouring village of Malebitsa, have an eight-month-old daughter.

Modiba yesterday said she wished Lamo and his new bride everything of the best in their marriage.