'Ideas must come from students'

JUNE 16 Foundation chairman Seth Mazibuko has called on young people to come up with ideas and vision to ensure they achieve economic freedom.

He was speaking at the launch of a series of dialogue sessions organised and hosted by the National Youth Development Agency at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Bellville on Wednesday night.

The sessions will take place at 18 universities and FET colleges across the country.

Their aim is to engage in discussions on issues that affect young people particularly, specifically education, economic participation and social cohesion.

Mazibuko said he was surprised that the country and the people were still debating about youth development.

"We should have resolved this issue (youth development) many years ago.

"If you want economic freedom, you must have ideas and vision. You must also show how are you going to achieve this economic freedom."

Mazibuko said he agreed with suspended ANC Youth League president Julius Malema that there were no black African ministers holding finance or economic ministerial posts in the government.

He said there was a lack of good role models for young people in many communities.

"We only have role models in black economic empowerment, rap artists and those who fail us after we elect them."

Also, the issue of education could had been resolved long time ago.

"I am surprised we are still talking about education despite 17 years of freedom," Mazibuko said.

Ghalieb Essop of the National Youth Development Agency in the Western Cape said student debates and discussions were key to their advancement in the country.