Miss Lovely Legs condemns mini-skirt attack

JENNIFFER Sono, the newly crowned Miss Lovely Legs, has joined the ranks of those who recently condemned the infamous incident in which two girls were sexually harassed by a crowd of men at the Noord Street taxi rank in central Johannesburg.

The incident has seen the country united in condemning the misbehaving men, who humiliated the girls for wearing mini-skirts.

Speaking to Sowetan yesterday, the 22-year-old University of South Africa computer science student said she used to think taxi ranks were "safe" places for women.

"All along I was wrong to think that at the taxi rank there are men who will protect girls," she said.

"I am Miss lovely Legs, but I am forbidden to show the very legs that have been judged to be sexy."

Sono, who beat several other girls a few weeks ago to snatch this title, said that Miss Lovely Legs was about giving a voice to women.

"It actually has less to do with legs and more with giving a voice to women, and that is the role I am going to play.

"I won because of my confidence and my intellect."