Cyber police launch probe into sex website

POLICE are looking into allegations that an illegal local sex website was circulating footage of child pornography and rape.

This follows a Sowetan exposé of the notorious website that is distributing cellphone video footages of local South Africans engaging in sex.

Disturbing footages included that of the Jules High School sex video in which three pupils between the ages of 15 and 16 were filmed having sex.

Also on the site is a video of a young girl repeatedly having sex with three men while still in her school uniform.

Adding to the disturbance is a video of a drunk girl being raped by a group of seven men.

News of the website's existence shocked many South Africans.

Yesterday Gauteng provincial police spokeswoman Captain Katlego Mogale said: "We referred the matter (sex website) to the national office since it is a national issue."

National police spokeswoman Lieutenant Colonel Tumi Shai said "cyber police" were investigating the matter.

Shai said cyber crime was different from normal crime.

"We will have to check the validity of the website, where is it being operated from, who is feeding the website content and arrest those responsible," Shai said.

But she, warned this would take time since investigations of this nature were normally hard to crack.

Lambasting the site, ANC Women's League spokeswoman Troy Martens said yesterday: "We condemn in the strongest possible term the shameful and criminal Goboza website."

Martens said the site was a disgrace to society as "it makes one sick to the stomach that people enjoy entertaining criminal exploitation of young girls as well as blatant rape".

"We urge the authorities to act fast in shutting down the site and prosecuting those operating and hosting the website," she said.

Mlimandlela Ndamase of the Film and Publications Board said investigations into the site would also seek to establish where the site was being hosted.

"Should it be hosted outside South Africa we will activate our International Association of Internet Hotlines, where our foreign partners will be informed and requested to assist in the closure of such a site."

Family psychologist Wendy Hay said: "Such sexual acts cannot be condoned because they are not based on relationships."

Hay said: "South Africans had lost their sense of identity in the wake of transformation".

By late yesterday more videos had been posted on the site.