Other child killers

THREE other mothers are in different prisons in Gauteng for killing their children.

- Mapaseka Seoka, 28, is serving 12 years for killing her two daughters in August 2008 in an open veld in Newclare, Johannesburg. She was sentenced in April this year by the Vereeniging Circuit Court.

- Shirley Obose, of Jabulani in Soweto, is serving 30 years with 15 of them suspended for killing her two children with rat poison in January 2001. She had pleaded guilty in the Protea Magistrate's Court.

- Batseba Lekgeu, 27, was jailed for 18 years by the Pretoria High Court for murdering her five-year-old son in May 2011. Lekgeu admitted to wrapping her son in a blanket and stabbing him to death.