ANC MP 'klaps woman driver'

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He allegedly hit the mom - who was with her 2-year-old daughter - after accusing her of reversing into his car at a carwash

An ANC MP had reported to the police - but was not arrested - after allegedly hitting a woman in a road rage attack, Port Elizabeth police said on Tuesday.

“The person has not been arrested as such. The person came out of his own free will to the station,” said Captain Andre Beetge.

The Herald newspaper reported on Tuesday that Litho Suka hit Nolusindiso Mazantsi, 35, after accusing her of reversing into his car at a carwash in KwaZakhele, Port Elizabeth, last week.

The newspaper said four of her front teeth were knocked out.

Mazantsi was with her two-year-old daughter Lihle at the time.

“It was an accident in which this assault took place. At this point in time we are not officially naming the suspect, although the newspaper published the name,” Beetge said.

The man reported to the police station on Sunday and signed a warning statement declaring that he was aware of investigations into possible criminal conduct on his part.

Once investigations were concluded, the matter would be passed to the director of public prosecutions, who would decide if the case would be placed on a court roll, Beetge said.

Suka is a member of the portfolio committees for public service and administration, and sport and recreation.

Mazantsi told the Herald that after having her car washed, she drove about kilometre from the facility when a grey Mercedes-Benz sped past her and blocked the road.

“I slammed on brakes and a man I have never seen before got out of the car.

“I was petrified as I thought it could be a hijacking. I was in shock and did not know what to do. The man then told me I had bumped his car.”    

When Mazantsi got out of the car to have a look at the damage, she saw a scratch, but said she had not heard any noise when reversing her car and had not noticed the man’s car behind her.

“As I was walking back to my car, he grabbed the car keys out of my hand and then hit me once in the face. My child was screaming in the back seat and there was blood everywhere.”   

Mazantsi called her husband Vuyani to the scene.

Vuyani said: “I am very, very angry about this. He attacked my wife and then left her and my baby girl in the middle of a known crime hotspot by themselves”.   

Soon after the incident, he ran into the man at the police station.

“I confronted him and wanted to know why he had hit my wife. He just said she had hit his car and then turned around and walked away.”   

When approached for comment by the newspaper Suka said: “She [Mazantsi] was swearing at me and asking me what I was going to do about it [the accident].

“I lost the plot and klapped her.”