Mbalula attacks DA leaders

The ANC's Fikile Mbalula has labelled Zille as a madam and Patricia de Lille and Lindiwe Mazibuko as her maids

ANC heavyweight Fikile Mbalula says he is confident that the party is going to win the majority of wards during next week's elections.

Mbalula was speaking at a fund-raising dinner at a restaurant in Atholl, Johannesburg.

"There is no political party that will stand in our way. There are media reports that the ANC will face tough competition in the DA.

"Those reports that there will be two bulls that will be competing in the elections are false. There is only one bull which is the ANC, and it will emerge victorious," he said.

Mbalula, who is also the sports minister, attacked the DA and Cope saying they were "mickey mouse" parties that did not have the capabilities of defeating the ANC.

"Helen Zille can't give us a lecture about freedom. She does not know the feeling of being a widow, the pain of losing a son during the struggle against apartheid," said Mbalula.

He labelled Zille as a madam and Patricia de Lille and Lindiwe Mazibuko as her maids.

"One maid on her other side (Patricia de Lille) has failed in the PAC and formed her party, she later took her followers to her madam. On the other side, the madam has (Mazibuko), an African who speaks English in an unknown accent.

"The DA represents backwardness. Everything that is wrong is represented there."

He also attacked Cope: "Look at them, they are fighting among themselves. Their leadership was appointed by a judge."

Mbalula said the ANC was the only party that has delivered and will continue to deliver services.

He said in Johannesburg, Soweto was an example of service delivery.

"We have turned hostels into family units. We are confident of victory. If our members come out in numbers and vote for the ANC, we are going back to reclaim the city of Cape Town ... and we have a great plan to do that," Mbalula said.