Fight over horn that brings rain

THE horn relied on to magically bring rain in Limpopo is at the centre of a row between two feuding royal families.

The feud is between the Modjadji Royal Family and the Mokoto Royal Family in Khethakone outside Modjadjiskloof in the Greater Letaba municipality.

Though the feud between the two families started in 2008 when the Mokotos pulled out of the rain-making ceremony, matters came to a head yesterday, only two days after the Modjadjis held their first annual rain-making ceremony in Khethakone, where they failed again to bring rain for the second year in a row.

Cyril Mokoto said there would be no rain for as long as the Modjadjis do not admit that they are not the rightful heirs to the throne.

Mokoto said the Modjadjis were unable to bring rain because they did not use the powerful horn to speak to the ancestors to bring rain to the drought-prone province.

Mokoto said the horn is locked up in a sacred holy place some 10km away from Khethakone, next to Ga-Madlesa in Bolobedu, where the family performs its annual rituals.

"It is only we, the Mokotos, who have access to the holy place because we have been given the powers to speak to the ancestors.

"The regent can only enter the place after getting permission from us," said Mokoto.

Speaking on behalf of the Modjadjis, Phetole Mampeule said the Mokotos were frustrated and "are bitter because they failed over the years to take the throne".

Mampeule said rain falls a few days after the ceremony and the Modjadjis do not need the permission of the Mokotos to perform their rituals.