Inyanga held for possessing body parts

Gangsters allegedly brought the severed body parts to the inyanga.

VERULAM'S Cottonland community, near Durban, looked on in shock on Tuesday when police uncovered a foot and hand in the yard of an inyanga.

The body parts, which police believe belonged to a man who was in his 30s, were found in two black bags at the back of an outside toilet on the inyanga's property.

The foot had been severed at the calf while the hand was cut off at mid-arm.

When Sowetan arrived on the scene schoolchildren were milling about and taking a peek at the severed arm and leg.

A massive police contingent descended on the house on Tuesday afternoon before the forensic pathology unit removed the body parts.

The police believe the inyanga might have bought the parts for muthi.

A sniffer dog was brought in to search the inyanga's yard and the surrounding area, but no other body parts were found.

The Verulam crime intelligence unit was tipped off by residents on Tuesday after they saw the inyanga talking to alleged gangsters carrying black bags.

The gangsters apparently brought the severed body parts to the inyanga.

Captain Thulani Zwane said a case of murder had been opened against the inyanga.

Residents said they feared for their lives after the discovery.

They said a corpse was found in the area two years ago and two children went missing.

The residents, who refused to be named, said: "Two children have gone missing in this area and have never been found.

"Though we suspected the inyanga might have been behind the disappearances, we could not prove anything. We hope his arrest means this kind of thing will stop.

"This man is known for being able to help people find things they have lost or that have been stolen from them. He uses a mirror and makes a lot of money doing this."

The inyanga's house is adorned with a cross and the police carried out an intensive search of what he called his "place of prayer", but went away empty-handed.