Suicide boy to be buried

THE family of a Limpopo boy who committed suicide after quarrelling with a patron at a shebeen say they don't blame anyone for his death.

Matimba Chavalala, 17, a grade 8 pupil at Shitlhangoma High School, committed suicide at home in Halahala village in Malamulele last Saturday. He will be buried tomorrow.

"I brought him up after his mother, who was my sister, died," his aunt Mthavini Shivambu said.

"He was receiving a child grant and the authorities are not aware that he is dead. I will report this today."

She said the boy went to a shebeen in the neighbourhood and found a visitor from Phaphazela village having a drink.

"Apparently Matimba drank the man's traditional beer without permission," she said. "When the man took offence and complained Matimba kicked the container and all the beer was spilt on the ground."

She said Matimba had a fight with the patron. After they were separated he came back home and she also chided him.

"I told him a young boy like him had no business fighting in shebeens," she said.

Later the boy was found hanging by a rope in his hut.