IFP piece full of inaccuracies, false claims

JOURNALISTS have a responsibility to ensure that the information they disseminate is thorough and truthful.

Canaan Mdletshe's article "IFP wrath, split lead to court" is neither. Instead it is based on inaccuracies and baseless claims.

The court application against the IFP was not launched by "eight IFP district leaders", nor was it "to stop their bosses from taking disciplinary action against people backing Magwaza-Msibi to become IFP president".

Far from being the "leader of the IFP in Amajuba", the first applicant is a former ANC member and current member of the Cosatu-aligned Samwu. It is questionable whether she is even a card-carrying IFP member.

The other applicants are ordinary members and two claim to hold the same position. Their action was launched to stop IFP leaders from postponing the coming conference or making it non-elective; a move that was never on the IFP's agenda.

The disciplinary action taken against some members, including Wiseman Mcoyi, was based on misconduct and unruly behaviour. It has nothing to do with lobbying for change.

No one has been shut down or shown the door for suggesting change. In fact, we have encouraged this discussion.

The so-called "Friends of VZ" have used Ms VZ kaMagwaza-Msibi's name to propagate lies about the IFP. Mcoyi, who is no longer an IFP member, says the "Friends of VZ" are "exercising their democratic right" "within the confines of the constitution".

That is an imaginative interpretation of their attempts to overthrow party structures and trample the IFP's constitution.

Liezl van der Merwe,press secretary to PrinceMangosuthu Buthelezi, Cape Town