Joe Barber back to school

THIS is a play that will make you laugh.

THIS is a play that will make you laugh.

Djamaqua, in association with the Market Theatre, presents the curiously titled Joe Barber. It is directed by Heinrich Reisenhofer, with music by Jitsvinger..

It previously made an impression on theatre audiences in Cape Town and at the Market Theatre.

The play is premised on a school concert.

From the first awkward day at school, wearing a uniform that is too big for you, to matric as you prepare to enter the big world, the show takes you on a hilarious journey of school life seen through the eyes of comedians David Isaacs and Oscar Petersen.

It explores school stories that we are all familiar with, including your first school crush, the summer highs of inter-school sports and surviving visits to the principal's office for punishment and sometimes ... cuts!

Barber shop owners Boeta Joe and Boeta Gamat also offer their own school-cut specials as they attempt to host a school reunion with the help of Washiela and her home catering. Outjie is also in the mix as a hysterical plot unfolds, resulting in a grand finale that sees all characters on stage simultaneously played by only two actors!

As with all Joe Barber shows it is interactive. Audiences get involved with the stage action. All are urged to come to the show dressed in school uniforms.

Prizes will be given to the best-dressed and those with the best school spirit!

Joe Barber 5 - School Cuts is ideal for hosting your school reunion. Classmates can come together for a comedy icebreaker. It will get everyone talking about old times.

There's also what's happening with today's scholars and the effect of the World Cup.

Joe Barber 5 - School Cuts is part of a brand celebrating 10 years of sold-out performances around South Africa.

Humour is one of the most powerful and affirming cultural devices. Joe Barber has won the hearts and minds of the people. Its popularity sweeps through Cape Town to the rest of the country.

The show has redefined the local comedy landscape by building a massive new theatre fan base of colour that is family oriented, upwardly mobile and brand loyal.