Scopa on lookout for burger-loving mayor

THE net is closing in on an IFP mayor who is said to have an extra-ordinary appetite for burgers, which he consumes at taxpayers' expense.

The mayor is said to satisfy his insatiable appetite for Kentucky fries and Steers burgers, using the municipality's money.

This was revealed yesterday by provincial standing committee on public accounts (Scopa) chairperson Makhosi Khoza.

Khoza said that the auditor-general had completed the 2009-10 financial audits for municipalities.

She said her committee, with the municipal Scopas, were going to deal with a range of financial mismanagement issues arising from the A-G's reports, which is in the interests of cooperative and good governance.

"Working together will go a long way to building the municipal oversight capacity so as to improve the financial position of municipalities," Khoza said. "This in turn will lead to better quality and more services for our citizens and customers".

"I have learnt with utmost disgust about the mayor of a particular municipality in our province who feeds his burger appetite with the public purse.

"The mayor is said to be nursing his love for Kentucky and Steers burgers at the expense of the public and we have receipts in this regard."

She called on all public officials to stop abusing the public purse.

Khoza said the available public resources are far outstripped by the basic services demands of the people.