'My name has been tarnished'

BAFANA Masuku of Soweto says his name has been tarnished, ruined and he is in debt.

He wants WCS Big Five Promotions managing director Christo Maritz to take full responsibility.

"He must call us and address us. His company must come out and take responsibility."

Masuku said the bank repossessed his car last week after he failed to pay the balance.

"We have to negotiate a settlement because I spent more than R29000. I cannot stretch the deposit to cover my costs. What about my other resources that I used," he said.

Masuku said Big Five had breached its contract with him.

"By fulfilling my contract I expected to be paid and I told creditors I would pay before the World Cup as I expected 50percent of my money from WCS Big Five as per contract."

He said Big Five had not asked for his bank details which was also a sign that it had no intention to pay him.

Masuku said as a businessman his name was tarnished.

He said he recruited 108 home owners who paid R500 to Big Five.

Maria Hlangwane, who paid R9500 to be an agent for Big Five, said she was devastated.

"Some people would say we stole their money when they see us but I have explained to them what is happening," she said.

She said she had recruited 40 people who paid deposits of R500 to WCS Big Five.