An inspiration to aspirant writers

Abandon the Book, Focus on Man

Abandon the Book, Focus on Man

Oh, blithering idiot,

Go to wise people,

And, walk in their company,

That you may be wise!

It's of no avail,

Even though you blow your top:

You are cloaked in a shroud of ignorance:

Abandon the book,

Focus on man,

Wise people too always say likewise,

Besides, the book is written by man:

the book is shallow;

Man is unfathomable!

Some laugh a genuine laughter,

The laughter of others is but a fake;

Wicked hearts are disguised,

With pearly white teeth,

While the guys are hiding a spear,

For killing you - I am saying so,

To advise you,

To admonish you.

lThis English of Lesela Buka, O Ithute Motho, a Sesotho poem by Ephraim Alfred Lesoro, appears in a richly textured omnibus Band of Troubadours, a legacy project of the year South African Literary Awards.

Lesoro, who is also a respected novelist, essayist and dramatist, has worked as a radio announcer and university lecturer.

As an inspiration to aspirant writers, Lesoro has continued studying literature at the highest level.

The SA Literary Awards is a nation-building partnership project of wRite Associates, national arts and culture department, National Arts Council and Sowetan and the Aggrey Klaaste Nation Building Foundation.

Its inaugural poet laureate is the legendary Mazisi Kunene. The reigning poet laureate is the equally iconic Willie Keorapetse Kgositsile.