Selebi was sacrificed

WHAT a sacrificial lamb Jackie Selebi is.

WHAT a sacrificial lamb Jackie Selebi is.

I am not condoning what he is alleged to have done, but just because he is no longer part of the inner circle he was sacrificed at the alter.

It is cock and bull to claim, as the ANC does, that the justice system in this country works.

I mean, what about the people involved in the rotten-to-the-core arms deal, some of whom are protected by new attorney-general Mensi Simelani?

When are they going to be brought to book? Was Schabir Shaik really terminally ill? If anybody believes that, then they can believe the late Doc Bikitsha's 1964 April Fool's joke that "Satan had fallen in Pretoria".

To me the Selebi case reveals more about the rot and nauseating stench in the ruling party's cesspool of corruption than about the man himself.

Were I a member of the ANC's ruling elite, I would not gloat with glee and mouth pious platitudes about "the law having taken its course" because it hasn't.

I would not speak that kind of rubbish. I would rather shut my trap.

Do these nouveau riche think we are all suckers and voting cattle that vote for them every five years?

If Selebi chooses, he can "sing".

Sam Ditshego, Botswana