COPE president Mosiuoa Lekota allegedly demanded a R3million house as compensation when Mvume Dandala was chosen as the party's leader in Parliament.

As president, Lekota was expected to lead the party in in Parliament. But this changed when Dandala came onto the scene as co-leader of the party's election campaign.

A document in Sowetan's possession claims Lekota was given a deposit for a house early this year.

The document also claims that Lekota needs to remain Cope's president because he relies on the party for his income.

"Cope is not, and must never be, an old age home," the document says. "Our responsibility is to give voters value for their confidence in us and not to provide retirement annuity for political elders."

The document, allegedly crafted by supporters of Cope deputy president Mbhazima Shilowa, also accuses Lekota of trying to politically destroy Shilowa.

The two are involved in a tussle for the party's presidency. The party is supposed to hold its elective conference in September.

Describing the Lekota faction as the "club of elders", the document claims the group came up with the "Kempton Park master plan" to destroy Shilowa two weeks ago.

Meanwhile, Shilowa supporter and youth leader Malusi Booi has started a Facebook war.

Booi claims on the social network of having a DVD recording of the meeting in Kempton Park, where Lekota supporters came up with their "Kempton Park master plan".

But when Lekota supporters demanded on Facebook that Booi produce the DVD as proof that the "club of elders" really existed, he refused.

Accusing Lekota of "dirty tricks", the Cope youth movement, led by Shilowa supporters, has also called for the party congress national committee to be disbanded.

The CNC is controlled largely by Lekota supporters.

Last week Shilowa supporters, including party general secretary Charlotte Lobe, boycotted a CNC meeting.

"This is really just a very shallow attempt to besmirch Lekota's image," Cope spokesperson and Lekota supporter Phillip Dexter said. "No house deposit was ever paid. Lekota currently earns the same as a Cope MP as if he is in Parliament. There is no financial gain at all for him,"