Egos lead politicians astray

THE ANC Youth League of today is contaminated with the poison that has been flowing in the African Leadership Rivers.

THE ANC Youth League of today is contaminated with the poison that has been flowing in the African Leadership Rivers.

While we expect the youth to be the next anchors of our country, it looks as if we will in the near future be suffering from the deficiency that has led to the demise of the African kingdom.

We all know that African leaders are egoistically leading us to a world of tears and sorrow.

The attitude and culture of altruistic Africans has been eroded by the spirit of egoism.

I feel embarrassed to talk about my continent that has become a home of animals that eat others.

My continent is known for having leaders who behave as if their countries are their inheritances. They are unwilling to protect the people they pretend to lead.

They behave as if they own those people. This is confirmed by the wars that are being waged on our continent.

I am concerned by the attitude that has been shown by certain leaders of the ANCYL.

The ANCYL is the arm of the ANC that has the responsibility of leading all youths of our country to the world of milk and honey.

The plate of the ANC is full and it cannot attend to or identify all the needs of the youth of our country. The youth league is supposed to create a platform where the youth can learn how to open the gates of freedom.

The ANCYL of today is spending more time in courts fighting for the positions of individuals whose intentions are self-enrichment. The war is not about policies or programmes intended to spread the gospel of a better life.

Courts have become the battlefield of greedy, selfish political leaders instead of focusing on the real issues that affect South Africa.

A political solution seems to have failed all over Africa.

The political struggle that has created animosity within Cope is another example of the self-enrichment approach.

It is evident that those who came together to form Cope had no intention or eagerness to change the lives of poor South Africans. The intention was to create positions that would change the lives of the leadership of Cope.

Cope has nothing to do with poor people as they claim. They are a bunch of misleaders who will take South Africa backwards.

We do not want to see a replica of other African countries where constitutions had to be amended to accommodate certain individuals. This is evinced where the SA Communist Party tampered with their constitution to accommodate their general secretary. How can you have a full-time minister who is also a full-time general secretary of a political party? What does it mean to be full-time?

I urge all South Africans not to waste their time and votes by voting for people who are only concerned about their homesteads instead of our country.

Selwalesizwe Halu, Montclaire