Ziggy sends rastas into frenzy

WITH the World Cup taking a break yesterday, thousands of screamers welcomed reggae star Ziggy Marley at Elkah Stadium, Soweto.

Rastas, wannabes and followers of reggae music turned out in their numbers for the free concert. Rastas smoked marijuana, with no care in the world while the police watched from a distance.

They came in various colours, shapes and ages.

Event MC Jah-seed introduced the son of legendary reggae exponent Bob Marley. In between performances the Bongo Muffin star kept them skanking.

Local singer Jozifield opened the concert.

Praise singer Zolani Mkiva also got a chance to do what he does best.

Then Ziggy took to the stage, backed by local group Tidal Waves, sending the rastas into a frenzy.

The star gave an energetic performance for more than 90 minutes. He also rendered old songs such as Rise and stand up,Africa Unite, songs made popular by his father.

After the performance, Ziggy rushed to the Bassline in Newtown for another concert staged to raise funds for a charity in Soweto.

Ziggy is in the country with his brothers Rohan and Robbie, and are touring South Africa on motorcycles to commemorate the 30th anniversary of their father's death.