Speak up, Mr President

MEDIA reports that the Jacob Zuma administration is in turmoil are disturbing.

According to the reports President Zuma is considering dismantling his office following an apparent breakdown in his relationship with his director-general, Vusi Mavimbela.

Sources within the Presidency say Zuma and Mavimbela no longer see eye to eye, and the president no longer has confidence in his director-general.

The director-general in the office of the president is the most senior position in government.

The president and director-general are like the right hand and the left hand of the same person. They have to work together and complement each other.

Without that harmonious relationship the body cannot function.

That is what we fear might end up being the case if the reports are true.

As if that is not enough, two of Zuma's spin doctors, Vincent Magwenya and Steyn Speed, have reportedly resigned.

These resignations from the highest office in the land come three months after the departure of Jessie Duarte as chief operating officer.

Duarte left acrimoniously after an apparent fallout with Zuma's head of private office, Lakela Kaunda.

In addition, reports say that another of Zuma's aides, deputy-director-general of communications Vusi Mona, is to be pushed or redeployed to the GCIS, a government communications arm.

On the international front reports say Ngconde Balfour, former correctional services minister, has resigned as high commissioner in Botswana.

Balfour, whose wife Thozama is facing charges of corruption, is said to be back in the country to pursue private interests.

His resignation comes as the diplomatic career of the ambassador-designate to Washington, former Western Cape premier Ebrahim Rasool, is in disarray.

Rasool is alleged to have used taxpayers' money and paid a former political editor and a reporter of a regional newspaper to write favourable stories about him and discredit his political rivals.

If these reports are anything to go by, they suggest instability and a lack of harmony in the office of the president.

And if that is the case, how can we have a stable economy, a stable political life and a stable and secure country?

Mr President, we need answers!