Stop it, Ras

OH no Ras Dumisani, not again.

OH no Ras Dumisani, not again.

The reggae muso who butchered our national anthem before the Springboks' match against France in Toulouse last November did it again this week - in Johannesburg nogal.

He was on a morning show on SABC TV on Monday and sang the anthem, saying he wanted to make amends for that initial mutilation.

He botched it again.

Ras skipped from the Xhosa to the Afrikaans version and then came unstuck.

He forgot some lyrics and his voice was woefully out of tune ... again.

One really wonders why he was chosen to sing the anthem in the first place. The claim that he gives it a reggae spin is untrue.

One has to know a tune before they dare play around with it.

It is a shame that this man is allowed to defile our anthem in this way.