Manhunt for hijacker

THE Hawks are searching for a 36-year-old man who is alleged to have hijacked three people, including a policeman, on Saturday.

The man had subsequently told paramedics who came to his assistance that he was the victim of the shooting.

The man is alleged to have made his way to Pietermartizburg in KwaZulu-Natal after a spate of hijackings in the Free State on Saturday.

ER24 spokesperson Derrick Banks said the wounded man was found lying outside a house in Pietermaritzburg.

But victim Juliet Sejake was convinced the man was the one who had hijacked her and the policeman.

On Sunday Free State police spokesperson Captain Harry Nagel said they were searching for the man.

"The armed suspect first tried to hijack a Toyota Corolla in which he was given a lift," Nagel said.

"The driver fought back and when a police vehicle arrived the Toyota driver ran into the veld."

Nagel said the suspect overpowered a policeman and made off with the police car and his firearm.

The hijacker is alleged to have dumped the police vehicle and hijacked Sejake's black Opel Corsa.