Thanks Bafana for uniting SA

SO BAFANA Bafana, you are out and still the World Cup marches on. Where does that leave me, a middle-aged whitey brought up on a rich diet of rugby and cricket?

This World Cup has truly brought us all a lot closer. It forced the Super 14 into Soweto. What an eye-opener and what a gift for the Loftus faithful and the good people of Soweto. Might that hospitality spell the end of the racist incidents at rugby matches at Loftus? Might this World Cup see us whiteys cross the racial sporting divide to embrace football generally and Bafana Bafana in particular?

I have never given football much of my time because of the reality of blacks being brought up to play soccer almost exclusively and whites converting to rugby during high school. Whoever thought up such a dumb system?

However, Bafana, you gave South Africa a focal point, you played with passion and courage and raised your game way beyond our expectations. I am a converted soccer fan. I will watch you in future and apologise for ignoring you in the past. You did us proud and had a good tournament in a tough group.

You may never know how much of a difference you made to the country, but when you believed in yourselves against France, you showed us what we can do when we believe in ourselves.

We can be mighty proud of what we have shown the world, we can hold our heads high as a mighty nation and you, Bafana, played a huge part in that. Thank you.

Andrew Pike, Durban