THE family of late maskandi queen Busi Mhlongo deny that they are fighting over her money and say they are deeply hurt by such statements.

Madala Kunene, a jazz musician and close friend of Mhlongo, had said that the family should stop fighting over her money and reconcile with her friend and manager Neil Comfort. He had also said they should stop thinking that he wanted to inherit Mhlongo's estate.

Kunene was speaking at Mhlongo's funeral in Durban.

His statement followed complaints by the Mhlongo family that Comfort had allegedly refused to hand over Mhlongo's ID.

Kunene said there were reasons why Mhlongo had chosen Comfort to act on her behalf.

"She chose him to look after her things and the Mhlongo family don't see eye to eye with what he is doing," he said.

"I want to ask the family to reconcile with him because he is acting on Busi's instructions."

Reacting to Kunene, Mhlongo's brother Jabulani Mhlongo said they were deeply hurt by claims that the family was fighting over Mhlongo's estate.

"We never fought for our sister's things. All we fought for with Comfort was the ID because we needed it to make the funeral arrangements, including transferring the body from the hospital to a private mortuary," he said.