Honour Andrew Zondo with a street name

WITH the end of the street renaming lawsuit, the ANC-led council should be invigorated to rename Kingsway Road in Amanzimtoti after Andrew Zondo.

The court found nothing sacrosanct about existing street names that honour former racist, fascist white minority regime heroes.

Zondo was hanged by the minority government that legitimised the state of emergency, troops in townships and the callous killing of our people in Boipatong, Chesterville, Ilanga, KwaMakhutha, Sharpeville, Soweto and so on, detention without trial, militarisation of police , cross-border raids in Matola, Swaziland and other countries.

It is the same government whose agents captured and finally killed Phila Ndwandwe, a young and brave woman whose main objective was to free all the people of South Africa.

This government referred to Madiba as a terrorist and hanged Zondo despite international protests. It also violated the Geneva Convention, which recognised Zondo as a prisoner of war.

To millions of South Africans, Zondo was a freedom fighter, a hero, a martyr and a true son of the soil. He was young, shy and obedient, but was killed for carrying out the instructions of his commanders.

The majority were politically oppressed, socially discriminated against, economically exploited and had no vote. These abominable conditions left Zondo with two options: to submit or fight. He opted for the latter and to undergo military training in exile to extricate his people from all the hardships.

Since he fought against group areas too, any street can be named after him.

Wewe Ngcobo, Chesterville