Communists aim for power

THE Young Communist League in KwaZulu-Natal says the Communist Party of SA should focus on "taking power".

Speaking at the Harry Gwala Memorial Lecture in Pietermaritzburg, YCL deputy national secretary Khaye Nkwanyana said the league would go to its national congress in December with a programme of taking power.

"We initiated this debate in 2005 and, indeed correctly, it generated important engagements. The mainstay of the Communist Party is and should be about taking power. The current capitalist framework under way in our country demands for the `party to be obsessed with taking power," Nkwanyana said.

He said the party would resolve the "vexed" debate on who was a strategic centre in the alliance where decisive decisions of governance would have to be taken.

The centre of power in the alliance could not be seen outside of the state. When they fought in the alliance before Polokwane, one of the things they complained of was the "closure of space in engagements".