Shaka musical fails to meet expectations

THE story of Shaka Zulu continues to draw interest despite it being told over and over again.

On Saturday hundreds of theatre lovers braved the cold to attend the opening of the musical that was staged at the State Theatre in Pretoria.

While the 12-member cast tried their best to tell Shaka's story and bring to life the key characters central to his life, the musical did not live up to expectations.

History books have portrayed Shaka as the greatest warrior and most feared king who ever lived, yet the musical failed to portray that on stage.

With a small cast most of the story is told through a sangoma narrator, played by veteran singer, actor and dancer Lindani Nkosi.

Had it not been for the exceptional talent displayed by the cast members, who included popular actors such as Nkosi and Sello Sebotsane, the musical would have been a disappointment.

Sebotsane injected fun into the show with his occasional sense of humour.

Nobuntu Mphahlaza did exceptionally well in the portrayal of Shaka's aunt Mkabayi, while Candida Mosoma displayed her effervescent talent.

The story, however, could not have been told at a better time.

Small cast or not, visitors who are in South Africa for the World Cup will get a chance to be exposed to the country's rich culture and heritage.