CLICHÉS! We can't live with them and we can't live without them.

CLICHÉS! We can't live with them and we can't live without them.

A former colleague (a photographer who shall remain nameless) once went on an assignment with a reporter and on presenting his pictures was told "these pictures don't tell the story".

"Ja, Maseko is writing the story," he said to uproarious laughter in the newsroom.

Paging through Vorster's and Biesheuvel's book, one can't help but think - a picture is worth a thousands words.

This is a book about football in Mzansi's black communities as seen through the lens of white people. It is an eye-opener for the former "privileged" section of our nation and most will probably not believe that the beautiful game could be played in such ugly conditions.

When the older generations try to relate the history of the game to the younger ones, it is usually with a pinch of salt that the youth listen, so what better way to do it than through photographs.

In The Real Soccer Fields of South Africa the pictures tell the story like no other.

In the foreword Vorster explains what inspired the book: "Soccer is the sport played and supported by the majority of South Africans. As a result, there are a vast number of soccer fields - remarkable, unknown, rich in culture and situated in the most amazing settings."

For the older folk there is nothing out of the ordinary in the book since that is the life they lived and continue to live, but it is great for nostalgia and making sure that history is not lost for the younger ones while it also portrays the "other" side of life for whites who never knew the hardship of their countrymen.

Get a copy. It brings back fond memories.