Officials accused of discouraging training project

A COMMUNITY leader in the rural Eastern Cape has accused the department of education of trying to destroy his computer literacy project.

"The department is discouraging the project and they do not even attend events when we award certificates," Khwezi Faltein, the owner of Vukawenze Computers and Sifikile Rural Development and Empowerment, said.

The project teaches rural folk computer skills.

Faltein, a former teacher in Western Cape, said he realised the lack of computer literacy and decided to train teachers and people in remote areas.

He said the programme was offered training at various schools and communities to bridge the illiteracy gap.

He said despite the education department's "attitude" the programme had received a positive response from beneficiaries.

Faltein said the programme was affordable and brought technology to the people.

He added that they had already conducted lessons in more than five senior secondary schools, including Jongintaba, Gobinngca, Mathandela, Maqebevu and Mbewula.

Faltein said they had also offered a career exhibition for the pupils.

"We have managed to raise funds for computer installations. Bursaries have already been allocated to 200 students that are doing well," he said.

A senior department of education official, Soyisile Nhuku, said he was embarrassed by the behaviour of his officials.

He said Faltein should send him an invitation for any future activities.