Vet sues Mariah Carey

MARIAH Carey is being sued by her vet.

MARIAH Carey is being sued by her vet.

The Hero singer reportedly owes just under $30000 (about R230000) in unpaid bills for Cindy Bressler's services for her pets.

The veterinarian filed claims in a New York court on Wednesday, alleging the pop star had paid just $8200 (about R63000) towards the $37800 (about R300000) worth of charges for "extraordinary services" given to her three dogs, JJ, Cha Cha and Dolomite in one month.

The filing states Bressler tended to the pets "at the special instance and request" of Carey between October 31 and December 2 last year.

It added: "She rendered veterinary services including extraordinary services to the defendant's canines. Bressler performed work, labour and services on the defendant's canines at the agreed price and reasonable value of $37790,32 (about R300000) which sum Carey agreed to pay."

If Bressler's claim is successful, Carey will also have to pay her legal costs making the final total sum higher.

Bressler's attorney told gossip website TMZ the vet was in charge of feeding and grooming the pooches while Carey was away in Los Angeles.

A spokesperson for Carey said her legal team were not aware of the lawsuit. - Bang