Youth, adults should all take SA forward

ON JUNE 16 the president spoke at a rally in Thulamashe and praised the youth of 1976 for struggling for a decent education for all.

He cautioned people not to forget the significance of June 1976 and the past and future role of the youth. The most important part of his speech, which directly affects the youth, was about the violent protests over a lack of service delivery.

The youth are an important element of our society, irrespective of race or gender. They play a pivotal role in electing officials to represent them and if these officials do not carry out their mandate they betray the expectations of the youth.

The president also said protests needed to take place within the law and that burning and destroying amenities did not advance democracy.

The elders have a duty to contribute by nurturing the youth to convey community dissatisfaction, while the youth need to identify self-serving adults with ulterior motives.

The National Youth Development Agency is a good example of how the youth will be encouraged to become economically active, because the country values and respects their contribution.

The KwaZulu Natal Progressive Professionals Network is very concerned about the silence of the minority opposition parties and other sectors such as religious groupings about their role on June 16.

This historical event was for the youth of the country, not the youth of the governing party. It seems as if the governing party is the only party in the country with national reconciliation on its agenda. Most opposition parties are only interested in accumulating votes and winning elections.

Zinhle Cele, New Germany