Bad planning causes gangs

LONDON - Efforts to tackle the number of young people getting involved in gangs are failing, warned a new report yesterday.

Patchy, often counter-productive strategies are putting families and communities at risk, said Dame Anne Owers, chief inspector of prisons; Andrew Bridges, chief inspector of probation and Denis O'Connor, chief inspector of constabulary, in the joint report.

"In spite of the range of initiatives there was a lack of coordination and of clear and effective guidance on local implementation," the report said.

Research for the report showed there was no clear integrated joint national strategy to support criminal justice and community agencies in tackling the causes and effects of gang activity. Agencies had therefore missed significant opportunities to work with youth involved or likely to join gangs.

"There's a need for much greater coordinated action at national, inter-agency and inter-departmental level," the report said. - Reuters