Get used to the vuvuzela as it is here to stay

THIS letter is for people like Dino Valente who wrote that vuvuzelas keep fans away from stadiums (Sowetan, June 14).

Valente claims that South Africa won the African Cup of Nations in 1994. Hello, Dino, we did that in 1996, not in 1994.

Valente should check his facts before jumping on national platforms such as Sowetan and embarrassing himself. People like him criticise without any in-depth knowledge about what they are criticising. They just happen to love football now because of the World Cup.

I'm sure he has never been to a PSL match, hence his criticism of the vuvuzela.

He says we must abandon the vuvuzela because the sound is not pleasant to visitors and fans like himself.

That's not going to happen. We will continue blowing our vuvuzelas until people like Valente and the ones he claims to have spoken to accept the instrument or turn blue.

Just try telling the South Americans to abandon their drums because they're noisy.

The baseless and unfounded assertion that vuvuzelas are not part of our tradition must be crushed. Where was the vuvuzela invented and by which nation?

Every tradition evolves and ours is not immune. Just because there were no vuvuzelas in 1996 does not mean we must not be creative in 2010.

International fans also like vuvuzelas, which are selling like hot cakes in the UK. It is going to be an ornament of every football fan globally.

Valente and people like him can watch the soccer at home or come to stadiums to enjoy the vuvuzelas' sweet melodies.

Can you feel it, Dino? It's happening.

Mapo Mokoena, GaMasemola