An eclectic mix of styles

WHAT happens when two international artists of the stature of Tsepo Tshola and Omar Pene collaborate?

Tshola and Pene are artists whose music has touched many lives beyond the borders of their home countries.

In this collaboration, called Senegal to Soweto, one can feel the power of the duo's music. The album is an eclectic mix of styles - both Senegalese and South African.

Tshola and Pene have tried to keep this album as real and as original as possible.

It is a fact that Tshola, who originally hails from Lesotho, has produced a sound that South Africans and others beyond our borders have fallen in love with.

Pene is not just another Senegalese artist. He is legendary: a cult figure for devotees of Senegalese music, one of its all-time heroes rivalled only by Youssou N'Dour. The number of his local fans has increased substantially since his two previous visits to the country.

In this album, Pene prays for the triumph of humility in the face of the arrogance of men.

He laments the death of his mother and the excruciating pain of abandoned children. He prays for the triumph of democracy and freedom.

This album will surely be massive!