Fans despair on Twitter and Facebook

South African football legend Doctor Khumalo once said: "When a team loses, we all become coaches."

And this is exactly what happened after Bafana Bafana were trounced 3-0 by Uruguay on Wednesday night in Pretoria.

From the buzz on social networking sites yesterday, Bafana have lost tons of fans. Messages from disappointed fans flooded Facebook and Tweeter after the final whistle.

An upset Jerry Kombe said: "Football Friday, vuvuzela, fan park, Gautrain, new stadiums - all that so that we can watch other people play in our country. What a damn shame."

Another bitter fan wrote: "Bafana Bafana is only good at having their hair done, making the S-curls greasy. Tshabalala trying to see if he can get his dreadlocks tighter than before.

"Teko combing his greasy Frohawk. Khune wears gloves so not to spoil his daily fresh manicure. Laugh out loud ... And when you give them a soccer ball, then you're asking for too much."

DJ Sbu was also among those venting: "Benni McCarthy is probably chilling in some 800-roomed expensive mansion smoking a cigar with his boys chazeking that ya, that's fatness for you."

Though Bafana Bafana have been forsaken by many of their fans, others stood by them.

"I will continue to support Bafana Bafana ... No matter what," celebrity journalist Nonhle Thema wrote.

"I stand by Bafana Bafana. What did you expect. It took Brazil 24 years before they won their first World Cup.

"We were outplayed, which exposed our weakness," Snoopy Nxele said.

Songstress Lira is still behind Bafana despite their loss. "We are all still proud hosts of this World Cup. This we can be proud of."